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Wristband 6.3pc (16cm)

Semi-precious stone bracelet made of amazonite and morganite


It is a stone of joyful energy, ideal for finding your child's soul. Amazonite is attached to the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It promotes the expression of emotions and also helps to take situations less seriously. It brings us back to the present moment. Amazonite makes reaching out to others easier and more natural. It calms the central nervous system. This stone is also known to block bad waves emitted by devices such as: microwaves, cell phones and computers.


Morganite is just as delicate as it is powerful in attracting happiness and love to you, it envelops you in a feeling of security. Its properties are very similar to those of rose quartz, morganite is also used for the heart chakra to circulate love around you. When offered to the person of your heart, because this stone evokes passion. Morganite also allows you to be more empathetic towards others. At the physical level, this rare semi-precious pearl soothes stress, heart problems and respiratory problems.

It is important to note that since the jewelry is created from natural stones, the color may vary slightly. Also note that the sequence of stones that make up your bracelet will vary slightly depending on the desired size.

-How do I know which bracelet size to choose?

Take the measurement of your wrist without looseness then add 0.5 inch for a fitted bracelet or 1 inch for a bracelet with a little more looseness.

You can use a sewing tape measure, string, or a shoelace and transfer the measurement to a ruler.

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