JEWELS SOPHISTIKATE trio of bracelets

JEWELS SOPHISTIKATE trio of bracelets

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bracelet trio

Trio made of 6 and 8mm semi-precious stones of jasper as well as rosegold hematite.


Hematite is ideal for combating fatigue. It stimulates concentration, memory, provides vitality and dynamism. In addition, this stone transmits energy, courage and determination in difficult times. It allows you to listen to yourself and others in order to better detect what is wrong. Perfect for reducing the shyness of women. It increases self-confidence, soothes and de-stresses the wearer. It acts positively on convalescence. Also effective against anemia.


Being a stone of communication, it allows us to express ourselves more easily. Jasper also helps in personal development and boosts self-esteem. Stones for anchoring, common sense, courage and concentration. Helps in making quick decisions and putting thoughts into action. It is credited with very positive effects on women's sexuality (stimulation of the reproductive organs, soothing of the pain of menstruation and childbirth).

It is important to note that since the jewelry is created from natural stones, the color may vary slightly. Also note that the sequence of stones that make up your bracelet will vary slightly depending on the desired size.

-How do I know which bracelet size to choose?

Take the measurement of your wrist without looseness then add 0.5 inch for a fitted bracelet or 1 inch for a bracelet with a little more looseness.

You can use a sewing tape measure, string, or a shoelace and transfer the measurement to a ruler.

(trio 631-632-633 and 780 to 785)

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