SILKLINE Professional Lamp

SILKLINE Professional Lamp

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Easy to use 36 watt UV lamp!

  • Pause time for SHELLAC UV varnish 2 min, Top coat 2 min, base 30 sec
  • Effective on all brands of UV and Del nail polish
  • Power 36W
  • Timer 30sec/60sec/continuous
  • Bulb type: 4 x 9 watt bulbs
  • Thanks to the sliding tray, cleaning the device and changing the bulbs is quick and easy
  • 1 year warranty with invoice

Apply a thin layer of BASE shellac on the natural nail bake 10 seconds with LED lamp and 30 seconds with UV and . Apply a thin layer of the color of your choice on the 5 nails of one hand. Cook for 1 minute with LED and 2 minutes with UV. Repeat a second time (one hand at a time is much easier) Finish with a layer of TOP COAT and 1 minute in LED and 2 minutes in UV.

  • Profitez de la livraison gratuite sur cet article. Une expérience de magasinage en ligne sans stress !


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