Tes cheveux sont plus fragiles lorsqu'ils sont mouillés et tirer dessus peu les casser comme une élastique. C'est pourquoi tu devrais les brosser quotidiennement avec une brosse qui démêle délicatement les noeuds sans les casser ni les tirer. C'est ce que la Wet Brush fait.

WET BRUSH Alice brush

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For every girl with sweet dreams, there's a princess to show her it's POSSIBLE!

This is the healthy way to brush your hair. Brushing is the key to strong, healthy hair and is the most overlooked part of hair care. Your hair is vulnerable when it's wet and can be pulled at it like a rubber band. That's why you should brush them only with an instrument that gently untangles the knots without breaking or pulling your hair.

This brush is the solution. As soon as you use it, you'll feel the difference and never want to try another hairbrush again.

This brush is designed with INTELLIFLEX(TM) TECHNOLOGY. The fine and flexible bristles have a unique system, which allows your hair to be detangled effortlessly and painlessly. Your hair will be protected without damaging or breaking it.

The brush has a soft cushion that provides more flexibility and protection, creating a barrier between the product and your scalp.

The SOFTTIPS(TM) are small soft pads at the end of each pimple, massage your scalp to stimulate the circulation of the hair follicle. A health benefit for your hair.

The long spikes reduce the time it takes to detangle your hair.


It is the quality of the spikes that make the detangling of your hair exceptional. For this reason, some care is essential to preserve your brush.
  • The pins are made of nylon and therefore do not support any heat source. Do not use with a hair dryer or just after the flat iron when your hair is still hot.
  • When moving, take care to place your brush in a safe place, without contact with other objects during transport.
  • It is not recommended to submerge your brush for long periods of time. It can be used without any problem in the shower or in the sink, but let it dry after use.
  • Avoid placing heavy objects on the bristles of your brush. The weight of certain objects can end up damaging your Wet Brush.
  • To clean the padded part of your Wet Brush, it is best to use a toothbrush with soft bristles and mild soap.

  • Livraison gratuite au Québec pour les achats de 59$ et + avant taxes

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